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Unleashed by Penelope Marshall

Mr. Black Series, Book 1


Elijah Black, a hardcore Navy SEAL, eats, sleeps, and lives for his missions—and little else…

The self-proclaimed playboy has no time for relationships, unless it’s between the sheets. So he’s more than happy to leave for his newest mission, a quick extraction of a terrorist believed to be responsible for a series of bombings in Europe. But the mission doesn’t go as planned, and the terrorists take Elijah prisoner.

Nasima was only supposed to care for his body, not his heart…

As the nurse charged with keeping the prisoner alive, Nasima is alone with Elijah every day. Sparks fly between them, but Elijah makes it clear he cares little for Nasima’s traditions and only wants her for her body. Still, she grows to care for the broken soldier, and it isn’t long before she begins to dream of abandoning her strict upbringing for Elijah’s tempting embrace.

A passionate encounter leads to more than just feelings…

After Elijah’s failed escape and another beating, Nasima is found comforting him and suffers the consequences. Just as Elijah realizes he will do whatever is necessary to save her, but before they can get to safety, Nasima reveals a secret that may be Elijah’s undoing.

Will Nasima’s secret keep her from breaking through Elijah’s tough exterior in time for another escape, or will he decide to make the journey alone?

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Elijah The noise from my chains was so loud and annoying, it woke me up from my unconscious state. The moment my lids fluttered open, my senses were flooded with agonizing pain that seared through my entire body, even reaching the tips of my fingers and toes. The pain stemmed from the endless beatings my captors bestowed upon me during the vicious interrogations I was forced to endure. The sounds of my own groans, mixed with clanging chains and the agonizing screams coming from the other cells, all blended together in a mind boggling orchestra of noise that gave me a splitting migraine.

Fuck, I knew I shouldn’t have tried to fight back yesterday, it just pisses them off even more.

I cringed as I tried to reposition myself, wanting desperately to go back to sleep, as it was my only reprieve from the anguish I was subjected to during my waking hours, but even my precious sleep was a short lived affair. If it wasn’t the noise created by the crazed prisoners, or pain from the increasing viciousness I was subjected to on a daily basis, it was the deep-rooted soreness in my shoulders, which ached from being chained above my head most nights.

I tried to inch my way closer to the wall to give my sore back a small reprieve. I’d been in a slumped position since they’d beat me unconscious the night before, but I was just too weak and broken to do anything but breathe…slowly.

As my senses came back online, I could hear the familiar footsteps clicking against the concrete floor. I held my breath and used my heels to shift myself toward the wall as the footsteps and the clanging keys neared; sounds that I heard every morning, signaling that my tormentors were coming for me.

I am not ready for these mutherfuckers yet.

I gritted my teeth and pushed my body the rest of the way toward the wall, positioning myself in a seated position.

From this vantage point I could survey the fresh lacerations and bruises I received during my last interrogation. As I shifted all my weight onto the chains that restrained my wrists, the gray concrete walls crumbled under the pressure, and crumbs of concrete and dust fell onto my jet black hair, then tumbled down onto my shredded, blood-soaked undershirt.

The stray dust that fell into my open wounds burned like salt, causing me to exhale in agony. My mouth was dry from the miniscule daily amounts of water rationed out to me, and I had all but forgotten what real food tasted like. Being that starvation was a part of my torture regimen, I was lucky to be given a bite or two of stale bread every now and again. My stomach didn’t even growl anymore.

I was a tough, no holds barred Navy SEAL, trained to be an alpha male in any situation and withstand this sort of torture and misery, but I was precariously close to my breaking point. Not knowing if it had been weeks or months since my capture, I felt as though I had been imprisoned in the dingy five by seven cell for an eternity. I prayed for a quick end, as I wasn’t able to see any way of escaping this situation.


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