Wicked Wednesday with @aprilzyon

Naughty Quills

Hello everyone and welcome to Wicked Wednesday with me, April Zyon. Today I’m talking about asking your fellow authors / bloggers for help with pimping your books and how much is too much.

Deep breath.

We all ask each other for help in “pimping” our books. We all help each other (or we should, we are all in this together you know) and because of this there should be some measure of respect because of this.

So this is just a bit of me jumping off from where Michelle talked about My Way or the Highway.

This is all about logic and respect, and again this is just me and my spin on things.

First of all, if someone hosts you on their blog, takes the time to work your document into their blog then you need to thank them.

Secondly, if you send them a blog post try…

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