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Third Book Released

Courting the Phoenix

Eternal Flame Book 3

Authors Cree Storm and Maggie Walsh


M/M Paranormal Romance


Gavin Ryder, an owl shifter, is not only an ADA for the human justice system, he is also the head counsel for The Paranormal Council. He is called in to prosecute Avery Madison and his father Carver Jinx for crimes against the paranormals of Crystal, Colorado. Although Ryder is used to threats in his line of work, he never thought that his life would be endangered twice in under forty-eight hours. First, someone tries to actually kill him by forcing him off a mountain road, second, by placing a bomb in his car. Thank the Gods for Detective Paul Malone, his mate.

Paul is a phoenix shifter who has worked as a detective for Crystal for many years, but he is not used to working with others besides his long-time friend Angelo. So when his Captain informs him that the prosecuting attorney will be joining him to uncover more evidence in both Avery and Jinx’s cases, Pauly is not too thrilled.

While taking a flight in his phoenix form to let his beast out, Pauly watches in horror as a truck tries to force a small car off the road and over a cliff. Pauly dives down to see what he can do to help, where he witnesses the driver shift into an owl. Pauly quickly jumps in to rescue the shifter and is not only shocked, but happy to find that the man is his mate. But someone is out to kill Ryder.

The two must work together to save Ryder, and find the evidence needed to put Avery and Jinx away for a long time. But what they don’t know is the true depth of the evil that surrounds them and to what length that force will go to stop Ryder and Pauly from finding the truth.

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Just then Paul’s phone vibrated again and Paul released his hand and dug into his front pocket to retrieve it. “So who keeps calling you?”


“Maybe it’s important if he keeps trying?”

“This one is a text. Mind reading it for me so I don’t have to take my eyes off the road?” Paul asked as he held out the phone to Ryder.

Ryder took it from his hand and slide a thumb across the screen, then tapped the incoming message icon. He watched the screen as the message opened up, then began to read the words to himself and froze.

“So, what does Ang want?’ Paul asked but kept his eyes on the road. After a moment and not getting a response, he turned his head toward Ryder. “Shit, baby, what is it?”

“It’s…I…” Ryder was frozen with fear.

“Shit! You’re shaking. Let me pull over.” Paul put on his directional and started pulling to the right.

“No!” Ryder yelled. “Don’t pull over! Just keep driving.”

Paul did as he asked and pulled back into the right lane. “What is it? What does the text say?”

Ryder swallowed thickly, then answered in a frightened voice, “Damn it, Pauly, answer your fucking phone! I had a vision. There’s a bomb! Whatever you do, don’t get in your car. There’s a bomb.”


About the Authors

This is the first, we hope of many, collaboration bewteen Cree Storm and Maggie Walsh.

Cree Storm writes M/M Paranormal Romance. Prior publications include The Mystic Series and The Mating Games, among others.

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Maggie Walsh writes M/M Paranormal Romance. Author of the Angel Pack Series and Crossroad Demon Series and many more.

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Cree and Maggie are busy weaving Book 4 for our reading pleasure, until then, catch up on the rest of the Eternal Flame Series!


Eternal Flame 1

Burning Desire

Buy LinkBuy Link

Centuries ago the Phoenix and Dragons were a force no one could penetrate. They fought together, mated together, and worked side by side, and then all that changed. The children of the leaders were dead and war had practically destroyed them all. The fighting stopped and they both went their separate ways.
Daytona was the Captain of the Crystal fire department. He loved his small town and he loved his job. However, what none of the small town knew was that he was also a dragon. Crystal was a small location just outside Denver, and it was also the home to the Phoenix. He had lived amongst them for years, hiding his scent, until the day came that he could no longer keep his secret.
When a fire claims his mother’s life, Ethan rushes home. Having your mother being a victim of an arson is not something he was prepared to face, but discovering he wouldn’t have to do it alone, should have been a relief. The thing is…that relief came in the form of a dragon, and the town believes that his mate is the cause of all the fires around town.
When the arsonist strikes close to home, Day knows he must clear his name and find the culprit that is now trying to kill his mate.


Eternal Flame 2

Rising from the Ashes

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Crystal, Colorado Fire Investigator Angelo Carbone loved his job and his friends, but ever since that fateful night when he was raped at the young age of seventeen, he has felt a piece of him missing. Until he meets his mate in a sexy as hell dragon shifter.
Angelo’s visions help him do his job, but recently his visions seem to be lying to him. They are telling him that a man he knows to be dead is committing the new fire’s that plague Crystal. The confusion over what his visions are telling him causes Angelo great anguish when he also sees this supposed dead man harming a boy.
Angelo has sworn that he will never allow another to be bullied or suffer as he had all those years ago, if he could stop it.
When he and his new found mate, Morgan, run off into the night following one of Angelo’s visions, they never expected to find what they did, or to suddenly find themselves with a family.
As the fires escalate, people get killed, and their new ward Manny goes missing, Angelo and Morgan must count on their friends to help them figure out this puzzle before Manny’s bully kills him. But a new foe in town brings back memories that Angelo wishes he could forget. These memories not only threaten his mating, but also his gift.
Can Morgan save Angelo and Manny in time? Or will he lose them both to evil forces?



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