Now Available!

​Now Available!

Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy 5

by Raven Dark

Now available on Amazon! Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy Book 5 by Raven Dark!


Three words will change everything. Presenting Book 5 of the sizzling serial romance, Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy!

I am Kane Davros, and I am my father’s son. At least, that’s what I need the world to think. Vicious and unscrupulous, I do my father’s dirty work, but it’s part of my plan for the day I can claim his empire and take him down before he turns me into the mobster I refuse to become. When mysterious, sassy Anika returns my wallet, it puts her on my radar, not a place a good girl like her should be. Her mix of innocence and jaded fire quickly turn my desire into an obsession I can’t control. We said one night. No strings, no morning afters. But with a woman as perfect as Anika, one night is never enough.

When she refuses to give me more than one night, I discover a secret in Anika’s past that’s had her on the run her entire life. Her father’s substantial debt to a powerful mobster offers the perfect snare. I offer to pay his debt on one condition. Her body, and her sweet submission, must be mine for six months. Bargaining with me is getting in bed with the devil, but it’s either that or let the monsters that want her family dead destroy her. I guess it’s true what they say, no one deals with a Davros and comes out unscathed.

***Beware, this installment contains more violence and death than the previous four. There’s plenty of light kink, and a cliffhanger, but absolutely no cheating. The story is meant to be a serial of novellas, but at 72,000 words, this book is a full length novel.

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“What are you doing?” I hissed as he stalked with me toward his suite, careful to keep my voice low. God forbid anyone hear me questioning my big bad ass of a mobster. His fingers bit into my elbow, everything about him cold and unfeeling.

Without a word, Kane carded open the doors to the suite and pushed me inside. The doors were barely closed before he started pulling me across the suite to the bedroom. 

The silence, the sudden Mafioso distance I knew so well ticked me off. It reminded me that, when he chose, I meant nothing to him. I tried to jerk free of his iron grip. My foot slipped on the stairs inside the door and I tumbled. 

Kane’s arm went around my waist, catching me, but too late, and we ended up crashing to the floor. His weight crushed me into the carpet, pushing a grunt out of me.

“Ah, you ass. Kane.” Certain he’d landed on me deliberately, I squirmed to get out from under him. 

As if my anger only excited him, he sat up, grabbing my ankle when I tried to scramble away. “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet. You wanted my attention, you got it now.” He yanked me across the floor toward him, taking my arms out from under me. I tried to regain purchase, to reestablish control, but I only ended up flailing. Somehow, the possession, the hunger in him only made me wet for him all over again, so that even the chafe of the carpet across my elbows and knees acted as a stimulant. 

““How romantic. Jesus, what are you, a Neanderthal, Davros?”

“Shut your Goddamn mouth, Anika.” He tore open my pants with a frightening intensity, then ripped them down from my ass. The sudden viciousness spiked my need and I couldn’t resist trying to buck him off me.

“Good. Go ahead and fight, I like that.” 

“You like forcing me?” Purely to rile him, I tried to turn around and get at him, not even sure what I meant to do to him if I managed it. I didn’t get close. His palm stung my ass cheek, striking one of the few spots that must not have been marked by his belt, making me cry out in pleasure-pain.

“Is that what you want, Anika? You want me to force you?” He shoved my legs apart. “Little fucking brat. Give me what’s mine. I’m gonna fuck you good and hard, whether you like it or not.”

Fuck, he was so hot. The badder he was, the wetter he made me. I squirmed against him, trying to slap at his head, his face behind me, anything to put up the fight he wanted. “Please don’t hurt me, Master.” But I bit my lip around a smile. 

“Tell me how much you hate me.” 

If he knew how much things had changed, how much my feelings had changed… I love you, Kane. “I hate you, Master. You’re just so repulsive.” But I was grinning. 

               “Good. We’re gonna have a real good time, you and I.”

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Owned by the Mafia Bad Boy Book 1

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