New Release from Lyssa Samuels

Title: Murdock’s Mate Murdock’s Coven, My Beloved Book 1 Author: Lyssa Samuels Publisher: LM Dreams Genre: #MM #Mpreg #PNR BUY HERE Murdock Whitfield is the powerful leader of his coven. He rules with authority and fairness. No one questions his strength or his decisions. Unfortunately, the knowledge he possesses has sentenced him to a life… Continue reading New Release from Lyssa Samuels

New Releases


NOW AVAILABLE! Title: Beast, Project Zed 1 Author: Kelex Publisher: Twisted E Publishing Length: approx. 140 pages MM, GAY, GAY SEXUAL SCENES, ANIMAL SHIFTERS, PARANORMAL, AND EXTREME SCENES OF VIOLENCE A shifter altered into a beast, transformed into a weapon… Subject Z-701 has few memories. Kept in a drug-induced haze and controlled through neural transmitters,… Continue reading BEAST from KELEX