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Title: Beast, Project Zed 1

Author: Kelex

Publisher: Twisted E Publishing

Length: approx. 140 pages


A shifter altered into a beast, transformed into a weapon…

Subject Z-701 has few memories. Kept in a drug-induced haze and controlled through neural transmitters, he’s let out of his cage when death and destruction is what’s desired.

Until an accident changes his fate.

Freedom beckons, but he finds himself in yet another cage. Without the drugs, the voices get louder, pushing him to the edge of his already precarious sanity.
If it wasn’t for him, the one person able to calm the voices and keep him from teetering into the abyss.


Tossed between heaven and hell, he must forge a path toward Samuel or be lost forevermore.

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Sometime in the 1960s, the government became aware of the existence of shifters and weres. Deeming them a threat, they created a black ops, top secret team to investigate the menace, and wherever possible, neutralize the danger. For years, multiple teams have worked to annihilate small dens, packs, and shifters living amongst humans.

Along the way, some of the more interesting and vulnerable cases were collected for experimentation. A lab was built for research. Started as a means to find new weapons against the shifters, as time passed, the generals in charge of Project Zed realized the potential they now held.

Strength. Speed. Resilience. With the right level of control, they could have an army of super-soldiers to win any battle before them.

Chapter One

Present Day, on the rez north of Bear Mountain

“I know you’re part of Project Zed. I know they made you what you are. I can help you,” Bull said for the millionth time. Bull glared at the werebeast inside the cage, all while it glared back. Two weeks they’d tried to get answers out of the creature, to no avail. The shifter was now in human form, but while in animal, there was no telling what he was. Blood tests had come back inconclusive, as had DNA tests. The samples weren’t easy to obtain, not without the male’s agreement. They’d had to tranq him with enough meds to kill five shifters to get him down long enough to capture him after the plane had crashed into the dome.

While down, they’d noticed there was possibly tech hardwired inside his head, but he’d awakened too soon and they’d been unable to check for sure. The only way they could potentially calm him down enough wasn’t available to them.

Declan, Bear Mountain’s alpha, had refused his request to bring in Killian and Finn, claiming they were too close to finishing med school to stop them now. Airan, one of the clinic’s physicians, hadn’t wanted to use the serum without the two young doctors who’d created it at his side, in case there were side effects. Without the pair there to administer the drug—which had worked to calm Jericho—he was stuck.

Bull had spent a frustrating two weeks coming up with absolutely nothing. Until a thought crossed his mind. There was one possible chance he had… if his captain, Deacon, was persuadable.

The werebeast was surly, at best. He was insanely violent at his worst. He refused to offer a name outside the Miller that had been stitched onto his burned uniform’s patch. He refused to offer any details on what he was or the military’s plans to come.

Jericho had been a mixture of bear and werewolf, an anomaly as bears were supposedly immune to werewolf bites. Miller had been made in a lab, a freak of nature. Jericho had been somewhat willing to help find a cure, Miller was not. Miller looked completely different than Jericho when shifted. He was larger and seemed to have more than two shifters within him. Bull thought he saw tiger and bear and wolf, but the outward signs were so mottled, it was hard to be sure.

For all he knew, it could be more.

Miller paced the cell like a caged tiger while in his human form, glaring at Bull the entire time. He wore a pair of Bear Mountain Sheriff’s Department sweats that stretched across his muscled form. Shifters were big. Miller was bigger.

“When I get out of here, I’m going to tear you limb from limb.”

“First, you’ve got to be able to get out,” Bull snapped.

Miller lunged for the bars and shook them for the millionth time. The five soldiers tasked with guarding him lifted their machine guns filled with silver bullets. The bars shook some, but the magic used by the Native who owned this land held tight, just as it had when Jericho had resided inside.

“You’ve been trying to pull this cell apart for two weeks. What makes you think we’ll simply let you out?”

An evil smile crossed Miller’s lips. “Oh I’ll get out. One way or another.”

Bull wondered if this was the beasts talking. When Jericho had been attacked by the werewolves, that side of him had taken over. He’d said vile things and later told them he’d been unable to control the words slipping from his lips. Thankfully, the serum had worked on Jericho and the man had control over the beasts struggling within. The shifter now warmed his bed, along with their other mate, Pablo. Bull couldn’t imagine life without his two bears.

“I’d like to see you try,” Deacon said as he walked into the barn, Samuel at his side.

Deacon was his captain. Samuel owned this land… and had been the one to enchant the cell. The native man skirted the outside of the cell, glaring in at Miller. A frisson of electricity filled the air, coming from the human.

Miller glowered and growled at Samuel, his hackles rising.

Bull took a few steps back to speak more privately with his CO. He still kept his voice low, unsure of how well Miller could hear.

“Thank the gods Samuel’s on our side,” Bull muttered under his breath to Deacon.

Deacon sighed. “I said something of the sort to Declan this morning.” Deacon turned to Bull. “You get anything new from him?”

“Nothing,” Bull answered.

“Why’d you call me out here?”

Bull tilted his head Deacon’s way. The dragon shifter had always been secretive, even amongst other shifters, but Bull’s thick rhino hide had allowed him to see one of Deacon’s powers others didn’t seem to.

“I thought you might be able to persuade him.”

“I doubt a dragon shifter is going to scare one of these werebeasts into talking.”

“Scare? No. But I thought you could use that little mental push thing you’ve got.”


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