Title: Hermes

Twelve Labors 9

Author: Cree Storm

Publisher: Siren Bookstrand


Delivering messages for the Gods is what Hermes does, and that’s also what kept him from attending the mandatory meeting that changed his life forever. Now, he and his very human mate must obtain the belt of Hippolyte. However, that is hard to do when his mate is missing and Hera wears the belt.

Laney was drawn to Hermes from the moment the man racked him in the groin. However, waking and finding that the man he had just mated with was gone, without a word as to where, made Laney feel used and unwanted. The mates come up with a plan to have a weekend out of Atlantis, and Laney takes them up on absolutely loved this story! it. None of them expected that Hera would send her army in to destroy them all.

Hermes, Poseidon, Hercules, and others must now find their mates and try to save them before Hera succeeds in killing the men they love.


I absolutely loved this story! A bunch of excitement that keeps you invested in the story.

One of the things I loved about Ms. Storm’s writing was that I could read this story, and even if I hadn’t read the other eight, I could totally keep up with the story! Although, if I hadn’t, this book would have made me go back and read the rest!

The characters jump off the page, and it gave me the shivers many times. There was laugh out loud dialogue for even more enjoyment!

I totally recommend this book, although I would also rec that you read them all!

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About Cree Storm

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky but I have lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico for over 30 years. I’m an animal lover, I have two sons that are the light of my life. In April 2015 I came to Quebec Canada with JP, canoeing, snowmobiling, four wheeling, and sitting with my coffee writing are my new adventures and right now I am loving every minute of it. I miss my mountains, but have discovered so much more and have found new ways to make my writing even more creative than ever.