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Title: Rescue of the Dragon King

Dragon Realm 2

Author: Maggie Walsh

Genre: #MM #PNR

Leigh is the King of the Adaquo Clan of dragons, but he is unlike the other kings. Instead of being big, strong warriors, like his friends, he is a tall, slender, twink, who is very feminine in his features, and has the mouth of a champion in sarcasm. Due to Leigh’s looks, his father, the previous king, taught Leigh how to fight so that he could not only lead his people, but defend himself.

Leigh has always had a crush on Grin, a soldier and warrior for the Ingenium Clan. When Grin comes to Leigh one night flirting, it shocks Leigh to his very core. The man of his dreams wants him too, and Leigh will not let this opportunity pass. Leigh and Grin declare their undying love for each other and claim one another as mate, but a new evil in Leigh’s clan threatens to pull these two lovebirds apart.

When members of Leigh’s clan go missing, he knows it is up to him as their king to protect them and stop this evil force, but to face it he must leave his warrior mate behind and fight this battle without him. When Leigh becomes a victim of the very evil that is threatening his people, Grin calls upon their friends, the other kings, as well as two magics, to aid him in his search for his missing mate.

Leigh finds himself in a very strange palace, surrounded by a veil of fog created by a very powerful sorcerer, with no hope of escape, and no hope of rescue. Can Leigh fight his way out of the hands of this madman? Is he destined to live his life without the man he loves? Or will his mate Rescue the Dragon King?






The water rushed toward the shore, building up speed and girth, the wave grew, climbing high and reaching toward the crystal blue sky, then curled, folding down on itself. Rolling, then crashing violently against the outcropping of boulders. Spraying streams and droplets high into the air, then cascading down over the hard, rocky surface, before receding out to sea, only to come back a few moments later to continue the dance.

Bare feet walked softly, as if gliding along the white sand toward the rocks. Long legs ate up the distance, then hands gripped ledges of stone and climbed. Once at the top, with the waves crashing only a few feet below, the slim figure walked across the warm granite. With sensual grace the man lowered his trunks, kicking them aside, then lay on the heated rock, soaking in its warmth from below as the bright sun warmed his skin from above.

He arched his back, moving like a cat, enjoying the pleasure the sensation brought. He closed his eyes and stretched his arms above his head, listening to the song of the sea as the water rushed forward again, crashing onto the shore.

This is what he needed, what he craved. His second most favorite thing to do. The peace of coming to the water always soothed his soul and helped to clear his mind. With everything going on lately with one of his best friends Zion finding his long-lost mate, Devon, and he and their other friends having to help them to reclaim Devon’s throne, things had gotten a little hectic.

Then, of course, there was Grin. Grinold Auberon of the Ingenium Clan dragons, and Zion’s right-hand man. He was a fierce warrior and had the drool-worthy body to prove it. Grin was large in his human form, made of bulging rock-hard muscle, which flexed under his sun-kissed golden skin. Shoulder-length chestnut hair that shined in light, showing off his golden highlights, was one of his favorite things about Grin. Most would say it was those delicious muscles or his brilliant emerald green eyes. Maybe even his firm, rounded ass, and thick thighs, but he loved to run his fingers through that soft hair. And he especially loved the feel of it as it tickled across the sensitive skin of his thighs as Grinold pleasured his cock, making him go insane with need. The soft, silkiness of his hair, along with the scratching abrasiveness of his short beard, created the most wonderful contrast of sensations.

It had only been two weeks since Grin had come to him, surprising him by declaring his love and offering his heart. They had been friends their whole lives and never made one move toward each other. But he had always had a crush on the larger man. Grin was only a year older than him, but even when they were children, he was always bigger than the rest of them. Until they hit puberty, that is.

He and his best friends, Zion, Max, Rand, Killian, Devon, and Grin, had all spent their lives together. When Devon disappeared when he was ten, it had nearly destroyed Zion, but he never gave up hope of finding him. He and the others worried for many years about Zion and wanted to tell him that the odds were against him ever finding Devon, but they couldn’t crush their friend’s hope. And it’s a good thing too because Zion did find Devon and brought him home to claim his rightful place as king of the Luman Clan. Now that Zion and Devon had mated, both their clans were joined as one and were now referred to as the Ingenium-Luman Clan.

A new castle was being built directly between the two kingdoms so that they could rule over both clans as a united front and be central to all their people. The prophecy spoke of their joining from birth and that it would be the beginning of peace for the Dragon Realm.

There are six dragon clans in their realm. The Luman Clan, or light dragon clan, which Devon’s family have ruled over since the beginning of time. Then the Ingenium Clan, or nature dragon clan, which Zion’s family have ruled over. Next, there’s the dark dragon clan, otherwise known as the Obscurum Clan, which is ruled over by Maximus, passed down to him by his father and his father before him. Then there is the Aerius Clan, or air dragon clan, which Rand ruled over. The Ignic Clan, or fire dragon clan, which has ruled by King Killian. And last, his own beautiful clan, which he ruled over, the Adaquo Clan, or water dragon clan.

He and his friends were all born around the same time, into the six royal families that ruled the Dragon Realm. Grin is the oldest, being born a year before the rest of them. He, Zion, Max, Kill, and Rand, were all born the next year, then Devon came last, a year later. Each of them were given their respective thrones on their twenty-first birthday’s, all except for Zion and Devon. Devon inherited the throne when he was ten and his father, King Rowan, was murdered. But then Devon’s mother stole away with him in the middle of the night and took him to the Human Realm to hide him and keep him safe. Well, safe is a relative term compared to the hell that Devon had been raised in there.

Then there is Zion, who was not given his father’s throne because of the fuck faces that conspired to take the throne, Zion’s uncle, Melkin, and Jana, the man who was put in charge of Devon’s clan until Devon could be found. They pressured the leaders of the other realms to make Zion’s father, King Argo, hand the throne over to his brother Melkin because Devon was gone, and the prophecy stated Zion and Devon needed to mate before his twenty-first birthday. A deal was made, thank the Dragon Gods, because of he and his other friends already gaining their respective thrones, they were able to fight on Argo’s side and insist on an agreement, giving Zion two extra years. He had until his twenty-third birthday to find and mate Devon, or his kingdom would go to Melkin, and Devon’s would go to Jana. Once again, thank the Dragon Gods, because they were able to find Devon and he and Zion mated in time.

Now all was right in their realm. Actually, it was more than right because he now had Grin. When they were younger and before they had all realized that they were gay, he and the others use to go on and on, boasting about becoming big, strong, warrior dragons like their fathers. He would even walk around with his chest puffed out, peacocking about what a big badass he was and would be. The others would always tease him about following in his father’s footsteps and going off into battle on the high seas where he would come back with stories, like the elders who fished out on the Valarian Sea, and how they caught the biggest fish ever seen, but it always got away. But he never got insulted. He knew it was all just in fun. His best friends would never hurt him.

As they got older and each of them realized that they all liked males, he found himself drawn to Grin. And if he had to admit it, he had always been drawn to him, since as far back as he could remember. Then once puberty hit and they all started to grow, the others, including Grin, all grew to be behemoths. Large warriors who looked like they could lift a mountain. But, he wasn’t as lucky. His parents said he took after his mother with her classic delicate beauty and sleek build. For the longest time, it upset him, and he tried to fight against it. Tried to become more like the others, but his body just wouldn’t do it. He stopped growing at five foot ten, and his body didn’t grow all those bulging muscles that the others had. He worked out hard trying to gain the muscle they had, but no such luck. Although, it did give him one hell of a hot, tight body, with excellent muscle definition. But he was built more like a gazelle. Slim and sleek, at a whopping one hundred and thirty pounds.

At around sixteen he finally conceded, that no matter what he tried, he would always look like he did. And as his body came into itself, he realized that he liked him. He liked the way he looked and figured his looks would help him catch the eye of one of the large warriors. He really liked his men large. To be held in their arms and feel safe was a blessing to someone in his position. He was the King of his clan, and everyone looked up to him. He was responsible for making all the tough decisions. He had to be strong and fierce, even though his body didn’t look like the others. He still needed to be a king. So, he was taught by the best in their realm how to fight and defend himself. He learned how to use swords and blades of all kinds, spears, and a bō, as well as a bow and arrow. He became a fighting machine, even though he had the body of a well-toned twink, as Devon would say. But all the weapons in the world would not help him in his true habitat. Underwater. That is where the dragons of his clan excelled. They were killing machines in water.

His clansmen, the Adaquo dragons, could live on land like the others, and they could also fly like the others, but the water was where they truly reigned supreme. Their dragons were built for it. They were sleeker than other dragons, with longer necks, a narrower face, and head, and their tails were very long and thin. Most would not think they were so magnificent in water because of the hair that covered their bodies, instead of scales, but the hair was a way for them to keep warm in frigid water. Although a lot longer than other creatures who had the same type of hair for the same reason. Their dragon hair was very long and beautiful and soft as silk. When they swam through the water, it flowed and spread out around them, making them appear larger and more formidable.

The hair was also pure white, to help soak in the heat of the sun to store away for when they needed to call upon it when under the water. Their underbellies were the only place that the Adaquo dragon had no hair, but colorful, thick scales, like the other dragons. It kept their most vital organs protected, and when in the water made them blend in with the other aquatic lifeforms.

The differences between him and the other Adaquo dragons, which also showed his royal lineage, was that the royal family were the only Adaquo dragons to have ultramarine blue eyes, and scales to match. They were also the only ones to have a mane of thick, luxurious hair around their heads, and a patch of scales on the top of their head between their long, pointed ears, which matched the ultramarine blue color of their underbelly scales and eyes.

The Adaquo dragon had very large wings that were also pure white and made of leathery skin, but it billowed out like fabric scarves blowing in the wind. And Adaquo dragons could stay underwater for days without having to come up for air.

“Leigh!” the call came from far off, but he would know that sexy, husky voice anywhere. It was his Grinold.

Leigh rolled onto his right side and leaned up on his elbow, placing his head in his hand to hold it up, as he looked toward his castle overlooking the Valarian Sea. It was a magnificent structure with grand turrets and had a long stone bridge that connected it to the mainland. It was built on a very large rock that looked almost as if it grew out of the sea in the water, about two-hundred yards off the mainland, where the rest of his kingdom sat.

Grin was making his way down the long wooden stairs that came down to the small white sandy beach. Leigh smiled as he watched Grin’s form flex and move. His muscles bulging and rippling in all the right places.

He had always had a crush on this boy, that grew into such a big, strong, wonderful man, but it was only a few weeks ago that they had both finally admitted their feelings for each other. Grin confessed that he, too, had always had a thing for him, but was afraid to admit it because he didn’t think he was good enough for Leigh. Leigh was royalty and Grin was not. He came from a long line of warriors that always lived in the service of the royals of the Ingenium Clan. Grin had thought that he was below Leigh and they would never be able to be together, so he loved him from afar, refusing to be with any other.

Grin was also afraid because they were of two different clans and two different dragon species, but Devon and Zion had set him straight. They helped him see that if you loved someone you needed to fight for them. And Zion would never stop Grin from being with the one he loved. Leigh could see that the prophecy was coming true as it had said. With the joining of Zion and Devon, all the clans would be brought together. Two down, and now it looked as if his would be joining them with his relationship with Grin, and Zion’s encouragement and acceptance of them.

Leigh’s gaze stayed on the gorgeous man walking his way across the sand. His shaggy hair blowing in the soft breeze, green eyes lit up, and muscles stretching the tight material of his black tee. Leigh smiled to himself thinking of what lay beneath those clothes and how he was the only man who was able to feast on that body. And feast he did. Every chance he got.



Maggie Walsh was born on Long Island to a large Irish American family. Twelve years ago she moved to the Pocono Mountains with her husband and four children. Maggie writes M/M Paranormal Erotic Romance, but has other works in progress. She loves to do outdoorsy stuff like, camp, fish, hike, ski, whitewater raft, and canoeing. Maggie loves writing stories about strong men, but also men who are flawed and can show their softer side.


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Jaguar’s Mate

by April Zyon Book 3

Evernight Editor’s Pick



This is the newest release in the Series from April Zyon! Enjoy the blurbs and excerpts, then check out the GIVEAWAY at the bottom of the page!


Quinn Ash is as human as they come. She came to Shifter Falls to hide from the danger. Too bad trouble always has a way of finding her.

Piran Raske works with wood. It makes his Jaguar happy, plus he makes a great living doing it. But he’s lonely and needs more to keep him and his cat satisfied.

 Quinn comes into Piran’s life with her shockingly dark secret, and he knows he must protect her. As much as he doesn’t want to, Piran asks his friends for help to keep his mate safe. But is it too late to save the love of his life?

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Holding the mug in her hands, Quinn looked out of the large picture window of her living room and into the brilliant summer day and smiled. She loved this time of year. Not only was she was out of school, but this was the time of year where life was in full bloom.

She lifted a hand and waved at one of the kids that had recently graduated from her sixth grade class. Sometimes it was heartbreaking to know that the shy little fledglings would one day walk into the large ocean of middle school. She did all she could to prepare them, not only with her curriculum but also with the things she taught them in how to deal with larger crowds of people, how to be giving and, most importantly with some of the kids, how to control their tempers. She didn’t know why but some of the kids had serious issues with their tempers and that worried her.

Looking at the clock, she stood and brushed her hands down her pants. “Okay, time to get ready.” She checked her phone to make sure that her date hadn’t canceled on her and when she saw he hadn’t, she smiled. “So far, this dating site has been pretty nifty. I have no idea why I never get a second date, but here is hoping that I get one from this guy.”

The site was and she’d met a number of great guys that she had gone out on dates with but oddly enough at the end of all of the dates most of the men had said something very similar to you aren’t the one, which Quinn had always felt was odd but what did she know? At least they all seemed to become friends and pseudo-siblings to her, so that was kind of cool.

She lifted the phone and shot a text message to the man she had been talking to on the phone, computer, and via text message for the last few months to ensure that they would be able to meet this time. She wanted to meet this man. She felt a connection to this man, and she wanted to meet him to see if the connection was as real in person as it was via their text messages and online communications.

So nothing else is standing in the way of us finally meeting, right? No emergencies popping up? I don’t have any and I’m only going to answer your e-mails and text messages, so things are good on my end.

It had been very odd. Each time they’d tried to meet, something came up either in her life or his and they had to cancel their dates time and time again. In fact, this would be their thirteenth date made, so she was hopeful that maybe thirteen would be the proper number. She took her mug to the kitchen and washed it, then headed to her bedroom to get dressed. A loud ping had her pausing in the doorway, though. An e-mail. Quinn frowned but hurried to the laptop and took a seat at her desk. Her stomach clenched as she saw who the e-mail was from. Her eyes scanned the message once, then twice. She re-read the words once more and felt a chill racing up and down her spine.


Adult Excerpt

“Holy mother of all that’s fucking awesome in this world. Please, more.” She sobbed when he began to lick her pussy with that wickedly rough tongue. “Please, please, tell me what else we have to do in order for our mating to happen. What do I do?”

“Accept everything,” he said. She felt the scrape of very sharp teeth to her mound. It had been light but enough to have her body release more liquid need. Piran returned his attention to her pussy. Hands on her ass, he lifted her up to his mouth, holding her in perfect position for his pleasure and hers.

“I do.” She moaned. “Accept everything. You are everything to me. I don’t understand how it happened so fast but you are,” she whispered. “Fucking hell, that feels good.” Her fingers tightened on the headboard. She clung to it and used it as an anchor to keep herself firmly in the here and now.

He set her ass back on the bed, moving to suck on her clit. His thumb slid over her slick folds and opened them while he slid a finger into her sheath. Piran pumped the digit in and out a couple times before adding a second, and eventually a third, finger to stretch her. He rubbed his tongue to her clit before pressing it flat and letting out a growl that vibrated right through her.

She loved the way he was stretching her, the way his fingers rubbed just on the inside of her pussy. His callouses added an extra layer of sensation to her already aching body. “Your fingers feel amazing. More,” she demanded.

“Greedy,” he murmured in amusement. Pulling his fingers free, he licked them clean one at a time. Then he crawled up over her until he could kiss her. “You can let go of the headboard now.” Piran pressed kisses along her jaw and down her throat, pausing to occasionally nip at her skin.

She pulled him closer to kiss him again. She moaned with her hands in his hair. When she parted from him, she licked her lips. “I think I could get used to tasting myself on your lips. But I really want to feel you inside of me.”

“I was thinking about sliding it deep inside that tight pussy and fucking you silly. Then doing it a few more times before I let you get any sleep tonight. Possibly even waking you in the middle of the night to do it another time or two.” He smiled at her low moan. “Shifters have a high sex drive. Probably should have mentioned that earlier. Now, serious talk, should I grab a condom? I can’t use it for a proper claiming, but we don’t have to do that tonight if you want more time.”

Quinn nodded. “I don’t have birth control because I’ve never needed it. As much as I want children, and God knows I do, I want to have time with you first.” She hoped it wouldn’t hurt his feelings, but she didn’t know what else to say to him. She wanted to be with him, wanted to have everything with him, but she wanted to know him fully first. “I just need you, please.”

Stroking his fingers down her cheek, he smiled and kissed her. “Soon, little mate.”

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